Specialized in Recruitment in Turkey Services, Sthatam consultants are specialists and experts in head hunting and quarry management. They practice their craft daily as a second nature, with humility, intuition and without complacency. They speak little but effectively. They advance with a method acclaimed by companies for 10 years, with a self-discipline that guarantees the freedom and pleasure of completing each of the missions that you can entrust them. They do not seek to please but to build a relationship of quality, personalized and tailor-made. They are permanently focused on your recruitment and development project.


Our method


After a thorough study of the company and the position we implement the most appropriate method to recruit the desired profile.

Recruitment by advertisement allows rapid action, visible and programmed over time with a targeted population, in active search.

A tailored campaign
Thanks to the agreements and privileged relationships that the firm Sthatam maintains with the main media and websites, we realize for you a customized campaign with the aim of being able to react quickly and to gain in efficiency.
High-performance tools
To strengthen the impact of our actions, we rely on the excellence of our specialized networks, schools, professional organizations, powerful databases, a leading website. Our recommendations will take into account the specificities of your sector, your strategic orientations and your issues.


How does our company work?


Candidates complete and submit a pre-employment application form online, providing their consent for screening checks to commence.

The actual checks conducted can be defined by the business; appropriate to the level or responsibilities of the job in question.

Once the contract is received, our team will address the referees, employers and education through systems and security protected facilities, provide a complete fast. A report is usually issued within a few days, which means that the job can be taken immediately. We offer also Payroll in Turkey services.

Payroll Istanbul

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Payroll turkey

As a company specialized in services for foreign companies, Sthatam offers different services as Payroll in Turkey. We support foreign companies in Turkey which don't have any legal structure there.

umbrella company turkey

As local experts in Umbrella Company Turkey solutions, you can benefit from our support.

recruitment turkey

Our company is dedicated to support the specific needs of International companies in their HR needs.


Commercial Contact :

Ms Neslihan Gokce


Address : Ataturk Bulvari, B blok, San. cad. Istanbul / Turkey

Headquarters in USA:
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