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Professional employer organisation (also known as PEO) in Turkey is a method of working.

An independent professional entrusts a structure with the invoicing and the administrative management of projects.

In exchange for this management, the company charges fees for management and the signing of an employment contract, while the employee pays compulsory social security contributions and reports on his/her activity.

Relationships within the PEO company in Turkey

There is a relationship between 3 entities: the independent employee, the payroll company and the user company. The employee and the payroll company based in Turkey are bound by an employment contract, sometimes supplemented by a “membership agreement”. This agreement provides for the procedures for paying fees or other services, whereas the porting company, the employee and the user company are bound by a service contract.

Payrolling (PEO Turkey) is the result of a change in economic and social operations for work. It is one of the methods used by self-employed professionals to manage administration, so they no longer need to hesitate about outsourcing.

The PEO company in Turkey concerns seniors (over 50 years), with a high level of competence in their field. The payroll is also intended for future entrepreneurs who, before embarking on the adventure of entrepreneurship, wish to test their ability to attract and maintain a client base.

Finally, in this way, young people can find a way to enter the job market. PEO Turkey would therefore be an effective means of reducing unemployment.

Is payroll a good alternative to starting a business? What are the advantages and disadvantages of PEO Turkey?

The benefits of PEO Turkey

The advantages of Professional employer organisation in Turkey allows the employee to carry out his/her activity autonomously, without being subject to the subordinate relationship that characterises the standard employment contract. He/she will find their own customers, negotiating the terms of the contract and financial conditions.

As for the client company, it avoids the sometimes heavy burden of hiring an employee. It also allows them to benefit from a qualified workforce.

The PEO company also reduces concern about the administrative part of its business activity. Billing, accounting and other formalities are handled by the porting company.

Being assimilated into employee status, the individual continues to benefit from the general scheme, and unemployment insurance. In addition, he/she has civil liability insurance. All of these elements allow him/her to conduct business with peace of mind, an ideal situation when you want to test out an idea!

No matter how specific you are, our PEO service will fit your needs.

Our company will support you in various ways:

  • HR services to manage your employee’s recruitment
  • Running payroll
  • Checking monthly and quarterly tax obligations
  • Being in compliance with local authorities and limit any risk (more information on local taxes here)
  • Also, management of expenses and reporting

Essentially, we become your local HR support including legal, accounting and many more services.


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