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Payroll in Turkey advantages

The Payroll in Turkey company offers individual entrepreneurs professional support as well as the administrative, legal and accounting framework necessary for the development of their business.

At the launch of the activity of the project leader, a so-called “Payroll Turkey” partnership agreement is established between the latter and the Payroll company. It covers in particular the rights and obligations of each party, as well as the calculation of management fees. The project holder then retains its original status and benefits from social protection and any related benefits.

From the first mission, the signed employee signs a contract of employment, fixed-term contract or CDI of payroll, on the basis of the first contract, and begins to pay on the turnover generated, after deduction of expenses related to the activity, social contributions and participation in management costs, which generally amounts to 10% of turnover.

In return, the Payroll in Turkey company gives him the benefit of its legal framework and performs all the necessary administrative, accounting and tax tasks for him. The port also benefits from support for the commercial development of its activity.

Needs of individual entrepreneur in Turkey

The individual entrepreneur can thus sustainably develop his job and build a remuneration adapted to his needs by combining one or more activities with one or more clients. In practice, the individual entrepreneur “worn” freely organizes his work and seeks his own customers.

The Payroll in Turkey company carries out all the necessary administrative, accounting and tax tasks. It manages the recoveries and pays a salary calculated on the turnover excluding tax management fees, professional expenses and social charges.

The employee can at any time make the choice to leave the portage company and create its own structure.

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